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About Piano Teachers and Learning to Play Piano
Source: Singapore Piano Shop
You want to learn to play the piano but you certainly do not want to waste your time or money for that matter on a piano teacher that is not going to work out. Some professionals who constantly work with children end up speaking to and treating everyone as if they were children, merely out of pure habit. I do not think you want to be treated like a child while you are learning how to play the piano. That can be frustrating, as well as slow down the learning process and end up costing you more money and time than it really should.
That does not mean that you will find all piano teachers act or treat you the same way. Each one (as they are individual people) has their own unique style of teaching and lecturing. You can really find someone that you like to work with, or, unfortunately, someone that you do not like. You need to find someone that you can get along with, want to chat with, will look forward to each session with, and just play good music with. However, there might be certain traits and personalities that will suit you best, even if we are all different people.
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