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A good piano at affordable price
Source: Singapore Piano Shop
I have been playing Piano since childhood, and I have been looking for a good one for years. Now it is the time the electronic instruments reach my approval. The acoustic one would have costed me 3 thousands US dollars at the same level of quality. The Piano of my dream costs no less than a hundred thousands of US dollars, and a Stainway acceptable Piano costs more than 20 thousand dollars, that is always beyond my reach. Acoustic Pianos at 10 thousand dollars are not certainly better in sound. Even they are better in some aspects, the differences do not worth 10 thousands dollars.

With the P120, I will no longer use my Piano string turning tool set any more. I also forget other tools and materials to repair my old piano. I gave it to a friend who refuses to believe that a digital one can be better.

I made a portable and easy to setup base for my P120 so that I can bring it to play on the streets, parks, or parties, with wood I bought from Home Depot, that is more beautiful than the one that goes with it. The cost of materials is about $100 US dollars, and my brain, and my sweat.

I would like it better if the keys are heavier, and the sound is louder.

Debate: someone believes the acoustic pianos always produce better sound. I do not think so. Acoustic pianos at low price do not produce good sound that are better than P120. They are just noisier. We need to differenciate between the projected sound from the noise created inside a piano by the strings, hammers, frame, and the sound-box. A Piano with a perfect sound should be totaly silent when the pianist lift up all fingers from the keyboard and all feet from the pedals. Digital Piano can achieve that level.
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