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How to Be Good at Piano
Source: Singapore Piano Shop

Do you want to become a good piano player? Follow these steps, and soon you'll be playing in your sleep!

Take Lessons! Ask someone who takes lessons who they take them from, or if you already know of someone, go to them!
Practice, Practice, Practice! The only way to get really good at something is to practice. Set aside at least 15 minutes each day to practice. Start with some kind of warm-up, like scales, and then play through songs that your piano teacher assigns for you to play.
Learn your notes! If you need to, get flashcards, and then run through them until you know them by heart. Knowing all the notes is one of the most important parts of playing piano.
Practice chords and scales. Start with simple ones, like C, F, or G, and then work on from there. If you get really good, move on to sharp and flat keys, like B flat or C sharp.
Practice sight reading. Find an easy song and just try to play through the whole thing without stopping. If you need to, improvise some part, (this is where knowing chords could come in handy.) This is a great skill to learn.
Find places to perform. Whether it's just a recital with your piano teacher, school, church, or wherever else, getting exposed to performing and accompanying will help you greatly!
Have fun! Don't get discouraged if you are having trouble with a song. Just keep going with a smile on your face!:)
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