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How to find a good piano
Source: Singapore Piano Shop
find a good piano
find a good piano

Acoustic pianos, meaning the traditional wood-case pianos, come in general sizes. The smallest is the spinet. Next, in order of size, are the console piano, which looks like a larger spinet; the studio piano, which most people call the upright piano, and the grand piano. Newer on the scene are digital pianos, which are electronic. Less expensive models have fewer keys than a standard piano keyboard.

A new acoustic spinet costs from $3,000 up. Consoles and uprights will be $10,000 or more. Higher-end, acoustic pianos that are at least partially handmade start at $25,000-$35,000. Baby grand and grand pianos can cost $80,000 or more. All new pianos include guarantees, usually 10 years, on parts and labor; some guarantee parts for 25 years. All pianos must be tuned twice a year. A tuning costs $65-$80.

Digital pianos start at about $1,000. The most expensive is the Yamaha Clavinova, which start at about $3,000. Digital pianos are gaining in popularity. Not to be confused with electronic keyboards, which sits on a table or attaches to a stand, a digital pianos looks just like an upright piano or grand piano until you get closer. They are a nice alternative to a standard piano. They are less expensive; require less maintenance and no tuning. They offer additional features and computer enhancements, it’s like a piano and keyboard combined. And is a lot of fun because you can have your own jazz trio accompanying you.

You can buy used or new pianos. Both are readily available. Beware of buying used pianos through personal advertisements, however; there is no way, unless you are a player or piano technician, to know the condition of the piano, not to mention the quality of its components.

Used pianos are available at music stores for prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars and classified ads. The condition of the piano and the quality of its restoration determine its value. If you think you have found a good used piano, you might hire a piano tuner to evaluate it for you. It should cost no more than a tuning.

Another great option is to lease to own a piano. This gives you a chance to try before you buy.

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