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For most people, the ability to listen to a song once or twice and immediately reproduce it with a musical instrument, such as piano or violin, is impossible. However, the creation of sheet music that aids musicians and musical performers alike has changed this impossibility. Now, with the advent of sheet music, dating back to even before the 15th century, people are able to play a song after hearing it only once or twice on their iPod or the radio.
Sheet music is commonly used as a guide to perform a piece of music. It normally requires a certain ability to read musical notation, but once studied, sheet music is both fun and helpful for people who are open to learning new songs. Its format has evolved from written manuscripts to printed sheet music, and now the world wide web offers an easier, even more practical, way of accessing sheet music by just a click on your screen.
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Singapore Music Sheets Shop offer sheet music for different genres of music, such as classical, jazz, rock and even popular music. Along with these genres, the music sheets available online are categorized according to different instruments, from vocal to piano, to guitar, to violin, to flute, to clarinet and even the banjo. Downloadable, and sometime even free, music sheets are available online, and they are certainly affordable for any music lovers daring to learn new songs and showcase their abilities in front of friends and family.
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