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Welcome to Drum Shop in Singapore
The drum is quite possibly the oldest musical percussion instrument made and played by humans. Simply made up of one or two drumheads, or "skins" (the drumhead used to be almost exclusively made of animal skin, but are now more often synthetic) attached to a hollow tube (usually of wood, but sometimes made of metal or plastic), the design has changed little over the past millenia. Often played by indigenous tribes all across the world, from Africa to Australia, making up an integral part of tribal dances and riituals, and were even, in the past, used for communication as much as for music. In modern times, however, drums have become a very common feature of many bands, especially those of the rock and roll, punk, heavy metal, and jazz musical styles.
At Drum Shop in Singapore, you can shop for the basic drum kits consisting of the large bass, a snare (characterized by the often-metal "snare" on the bottom which produce a crisp, snap-like sound), three "tom-toms" ranging in pitch from high to low, and a set of three cymbals, namely the crash and ride cymbals and the hi-hat (made up of two cymbals joined bottom-to-bottom for a dampened effect). However, the variations and embellishments on this basic set are endless: from simply adding on more tom-toms for a greater range of pitch, to incorporating various percussion knick-knacks into the kit to further distinguish the drummer's sound.
No matter how endless the varieties of drum kits, online drum shops across the Net carry wide ranges of items (both acoustic and electronic), cymbals, sticks and percussion instruments by leading brands and manufacturers. Some shops also offer products beyond those sold by an exclusive drum shop, say guitars or whatnot.
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